Literary Competition Winners 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the Samuel Eells Literary & Educational Foundation 2019 Annual Undergraduate and Graduate Literary Competitions.

2019 Undergraduate Competition Winners

Grand Prize: Daniel Pearl Award for Literary Excellence


  1. Emily Sheremeta, Binghamton University 2021 for “Piggies”
  2. Serena Feldman, Binghamton University 2021 for “Freezing Hot”
  3. Max Klapow, Washington University in St. Louis 2021 for “Not All Booms Are Loud”


  1. Michaela Pecot, Columbia University 2020 for “Lengua”
  2. Christopher Jackson, Wesleyan University 2020 for “Rear Window: Suspense in a Single Space”
  3. (Third Place Tie) Nathan Mullen, George Wesleyan University 2020 for “‘Colorblind’ and Hidden Racism in Anti-Immigration Policy”
  4. (Third Place Tie) Amber Chong, Columbia University 2021 for “‘Good Schools:’ Ethnographic Accounts of NYC’s Specialized High School Admissions Process”


  1. Ezra Lowe, George Washington University 2020 for “Cold It Stings”
  2. Julia Layton, Wesleyan University 2019 for “Three Years”
  3. Jordan Rubin-McGregor, Brown University 2019 for “S’iz Shver Tsu Zayn a Yid”

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Writing

  1. Matthew Wu, University of Colorado 2021 for “Mycology for Cancer Treatment and Prevention”
  2. Jordan Rubin-McGregor, Brown University 2019 for “Associations Between Business Clothing and Gender Schemata”
  3. Serena Feldman, Binghamton University 2021 for “Look into the Relationships Between Molting, Reproduction, and Parasitism in Birds”


  1. Anderson Peguero II, Columbia University 2019 for “The Utopia Study Series”
  2. Marco Harnam Kaisth, University of Chicago 2021 for ‘”Untitled” Series (Black & White Panoramic)’
  3. Cameron Downey, Columbia University 2021 for “Meditations Series”

Visual Art

  1. Julia Levine, Wesleyan University 2020 for “Nest in Blue” (wheel thrown porcelain nesting bowls)
  2. Julia Levine, Wesleyan University 2020 for “My Girl” (paper collage)
  3. No award given.

Music and Lyrics

  1. Krishna Canning, Columbia University 2020 for “Sculptor”, “Coming Clean” and “Accountability” (lyrics)
  2. Ainsleigh Caldicott, Wesleyan University 2021 for “Élévez Vos Verres” (lyrics), “Live On” (lyrics), and “Change My Mind” (lyrics)
  3. Stephanie Gemmell, George Washington University 2021 for “An Aigéan (The Ocean)” (lyrics)


  1. Max Libre, Union College 2019 for “Delivery” [violence, gun violence, terrorism]
  2. No award given.
  3. No award given.

2019 Graduate Competition Winners

The 2019-2020 Graduate Competition runs in the Fall!

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